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Management requires that entries be created on
– Current users can scroll to the bottom of this page to enter the show on  Click on the Equestrian Entries logo and you will be taken to their site.

If you do not already have a user account with, please sign up!  There is no charge to join.  As a first time user, you can get $5 off your first paid online entry submission.  Input the following Coupon Code in the payment section: FIRSTENTRY.

Using improves the accuracy of your competition entry form.  No more calls from the Show Secretary asking what your e-mail address is because they can’t read your handwriting.  Or, can’t figure out what classes you are really entering because there is so much scratched out in the class section.  You get the idea.

The Equestrian Entries system remembers your information, making it easy to fill out entries for future shows.  The system will automatically verify that all USEF and USDF cards are current for the show year (this includes horse, rider, owner, trainer and coach).

  1. If the system is unable to verify the USEF cards for Rider or Owner/Agent for a competition, you must renew your Senior Active Membership with USEF to be in good standing or pay the USEF Show Pass fee on the USEF website.  Show Pass fees cannot be paid at the competition and USEF only permits one Show Pass per year.  For Coaches, Trainers and Legal Guardians signing the entry, they must be USEF Senior Active Members in good standing and cannot purchase a Show Pass fee.
  2. If the system is unable to verify the USDF cards, the entry will automatically be charged the non-member fees for USDF.  You will be refunded the non-member fees when you provide proof of current memberships.

When paying online:
USEF requires signatures for every person named on the entry and electronic signatures are accepted.  You can either e-mail the USEF Entry Agreement with all signatures to the Show Secretary or upload a copy of your USEF Entry Agreement and attach to your online entry.  This also applies to a negative Coggins (if required) and Flu/Rhino vaccination reports for your horse and the USEF Waiver and Release of Liability Form for everyone named on the entry.  Once the information is uploaded to the Equestrian Entries database, the USEF Entry Agreement, USEF Waiver and Release of Liability Form, negative Coggins report (if required) and Flu/Rhino vaccination paperwork will become part of your online entry for the current show season once you attach them to your entry.
If you choose not to upload the required documents, then you may e-mail them to the Show Secretary.

At this time you may only enter a show with an online entry.  You will not be able to print a copy of your entry.

If you choose to pay online there is a 5% online submission fee. There is no charge to join Equestrian Entries, to create an entry.  Equestrian Entries fees can be paid using VISA, MasterCard or Discover.

When not paying online:
If you choose to pay by personal check, the service is free.  Just mail a check for the entry fees to the Show Secretary and let her know you have created an online entry for the show.

We appreciate your using the preferred entry method.


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