USEF Show Pass Rules Effective 12/1/2022

USEF Board of Directors Approves Modifications to Show Pass Rules Effective 12/1/22

by US Equestrian Communications Department | Sep 27, 2022, 4:30 PM EST 

Lexington, Ky. – In support of action taken at the Mid-Year Board meeting, the USEF Board of Directors approved an Extraordinary Rule change to GR 202.1 Membership Requirements amending the approved use of Show Passes effective 12/1/22.  These changes were adopted to streamline the membership process and further support safety, education, awareness, and accountability amongst coaches, trainers, and parents.  Key changes to the rule are:

  • Non-member participants in the role of riders, drivers, handlers, vaulters, lungers, owners, lessees, and agents must pay a Show Pass fee.  Competitions cannot accept payment for a Show Pass from exhibitors.  Show Pass purchases can only be made online on the USEF website by exhibitors.
  • Non-member participants in the above roles are limited to obtaining no more than one (1) Show Pass per competition year.
  • To be eligible to participate at Federation Licensed Competitions, all persons acting as coaches or trainers, and legal guardians signing entry blanks as coaches or trainers on behalf of their minors must be Senior Active Members in good standing.
  • The online Show Pass form will be available on the USEF website at the end of November 2022, and can be accessed at the following URL: The Show Pass form cannot be completed until a competition start date is within the next 7 days or if the show is currently in progress.

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